Based in Vancouver Canada I attended film school and quickly started working in film and television. For many years I worked with some incredible people where we produced Emmy nominated work that won several awards through out the visual effects and advertising industry. This at times would include travel either for work or just in between gigs which provided the perfect opportunity for that all American road trip. Through out the east coast and west coast I would jump on a plane or grab a car and drive... where ever... it didn't matter, at times would last for weeks. I bought a camera just so that I would have a record of my travels and it soon became part of the experience, stopping when ever something caught my eye along the way, capture that moment, then moved on.

As visual effects started to demand more and more of my time I started to look at what types of photography I could do closer to home and started shooting glamour models when ever I could find the time. It didn't take long before I was hooked and starting shooting every weekend or any time I wasn't busy working 16 hours a day in visual effects. It wasn't till later when I started combine to my travels with shooting glamour models, cause let's be honest, shooting Playmates in a penthouse suite in Las Vegas is way more fun then freezing your ass off in the desert shooting landscapes.

Currently my work is displayed across the web and in magazines, and I am shooting around the world. Just as it was back in the days of those road trips, I look forward to what lies on the road ahead!



AKA The Third Sequence

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